About us

Our factory is based on a unique modular pelletizing plant concept developed by our partner Rematec GmbH and comes equipped with raw material grinding with a filter, conditioning with the addition of water, starch dosing, pellet press, cooling, and sieving. The system is state-of-the-art with various fire and explosion protection systems.
Our production is located in Flygstaden Söderhamn, Sweden with close proximity to ports of Långrör, Norrsundet, and Gävle. See us on Bioenergi Sweden’s pellet producer’s map at number 27.
The first phase of our factory was launched in 2019 with one module utilizing dry shavings residues from the area’s wood processing companies. In Q3 2020 the second phase was launched with the installation of an Agro biofuel boiler, Muehlboeck belt dryer, and a second pellet pressing module.

Production capacity is 6 tons of premium wood pellets per hour and ca 50,000 tons per year, further capacity to reach a total of 70,000 tons per year is planned to be added in 2022