The pelletizing complex comes pre-installed from the Rematec GmbH factory after undergoing thorough testing with respective raw material types used in the factory and delivered as a turn-key solution. The modular concept reduces installation costs and avoids quality problems in the installation process.
Before pelletizing, a large fraction of raw material is processed in Rematec’s patented hammermill, after which it is passed with sawdust through Muehlboeck’s recuperation system belt dryer and into a raw material distribution system utilizing hydraulic floors to deliver the material into the pelletizing complex.
Once the pellets are cooled by the proprietary cooling screw technology, they enter the silo for further cooling and loading onto bulk trucks, regular trucks, or directly to our small bag packaging line installed next door.


Raw material and pellet quality is controlled by numerous sensors throughout the production process and monitored by our operators from the control room, equipped with computer control modules and live video feed.
The final product is analyzed further via in-house testing using our laboratory equipment with samples stored in a special storage facility.


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