We offer bulk pellets as EXW directly from our factory for bulk trucks’ delivery with customers’ own bulk trucks. If required, our transportation partners can arrange for bulk truck service from our plant.

We offer bulk pellets for bulk seaborne vessels on a FOB basis in our home port of Långrör, Sweden, located a mere 7 km from our factory where we utilize an SSHAB state of the art storage facility of 2,500 m2 built specifically for large volume pellet storage. We have loaded several 4,000 ton/vessel loads in the port. The average loading speed is 300 tons/hour and clamshell loading is used. Additionally, the port of Norrsundet, located 70 km from our plant can be used for bulk vessel loading and storage facilities that can be rented by buyers for bulk delivery from our plant with trucks.

Our partner companies have trucking capabilities to handle up to 4,000 tons per month of wood pellets deliveries from our factory.